We are a premier, one-stop custom print and Branding company proudly serving the Kenyan market and beyond.

If you’re looking for a top-quality custom printer with friendly, skilled professionals, look no further. We’ll work with you every step of the way as part of our unwavering commitment to exceed your expectations.

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Printing Services

Large Format Printing

If you’re looking for a convenient way to get noticed, work with Ndiema Printing for high resolution, Print & cut large or wide format images that really stand out. We are one of the leading large format printing companies in Nairobi, Kenya.

Digital Printing

Digital printing has taken over lithography by storm and is now widely used. Why? It produces high quality prints, utilizes less manpower and the process simple in that you print directly from the computer and before you know it, it is already printing! The personal computer revolution in printing indeed is here to stay.

Offset Printing

If you are looking for the most cost effective, high quality and fastest way to produce your branding campaign printouts, look no further. Offset lithography is what you need. Curious about the process? Well, it takes place on a flat surface, printing plates. The image is transferred to the printing plate made of materials such as paper, metal etc. The plate is usually chemically treated so that only the areas with the image (color, graphic elements, typography, etc.) 

Promotional Items Printing

Companies are comprised of people, and people love an opportunity to get something for free. When it comes to effective marketing and visibility in today’s competitive market, it’s crucial to make sure that your company stands out with original, and creative branding campaigns. Though attractive digital marketing efforts can draw attention from your target market, corporate presents and promotional giveaways can be a thoughtful way to cement the idea of your company in the minds of customers.

Books & Magazine Printing

Books printing services in Nairobi, Kenya, has never been this easy with Ndiema Printers and Stationers. We are a leading and most efficient books printing company in Kenya, with a repute of printing high quality books among other publications.

The printing services are fast and are delivered to clients on time. We also print gallerys, monthly publications or directories in any size the client wants like A3, A4, A5 or A6. We can also work out the design according to the clients’ budget.

Packaging and Labels Printing

When creating a product, Packaging and Labeling Design is crucial. At Ndiema Printing, we offer a broad range of Packaging and Labeling Design Services so that your product stands out from the rest on the shelf.

Professionally designed Packaging and Labeling Design can be the determining factor on whether your product sells or not. 


T-shirts & Apparel Branding

We provide custom t-shirt printing, polo tee shirt printing, as well as apparel printing. We specialize with the use of heat transfer, silk screen and embroidery to print your t-shirts, shirts, or polo tees. With the use of the latest printing technology, we are able to professional print your desired artwork or graphics onto most types of fabrics.

Ndiema Printing is one of the leading players in the business of customized corporate, schools and class T-shirts in Kenya. By securing quality t-shirts, apparels and fabrics from a variety of sources, we are able to offer you greater value and quality at a very affordable price.

Vehicle Branding

Van graphics/wraps are fast becoming one of the most effective forms of advertising on the road, helping to promote businesses both large and small. A well designed, brightly coloured van creates an instant impression on the road and can be seen by an estimated 100,000 people per week. The increased business visibility from this mobile exposure are limitless, while also being non-intrusive. 

3D Signs

3D signs add depth and impact to your display. Custom made to suit your corporate branding, 3D signs give a professional and high-class look and can be produced for LED internal illumination or edge glow on a building fascia. For reception signs, plain colour or brushed metal finish are recommended for a classy corporate look.

Custom made to suit your corporate branding; 3D signs give a professional and high-class look. 3D signs are great for commercial buildings or retail fit-outs.

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